ignoring things doesn’t make them go away

“Unfortunately, I have to point out that the strategy of looking the other way when men mistreat women has been the preferred one throughout most of human history, and it really didn’t do much to reduce the incidence of rape. In fact, it wasn’t until feminists started to speak out against rape and the rape culture that rape incidence began to plummet. In fact, dropping the “ignore the bullies” strategy has caused the rape rate to go down 85% since the 1970s. If continuing to speak out puts the fear of prison into Max and his fans so that they think twice before acting out their hatred of women in a violent manner, then I’m willing to accept his self-aggrandizing as a trade-off.” from Amanda Marcotte’s article about the new Tucker Max movie.

Got a heads up from @erinjshea on this one. Great article with a great perspective on how to deal with and battle such horrible crap.


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