scared to death

remember the Ford pinto? remember how they found out there was a problem with it that could cause people to die and all they had to do was replace a part that cost about $.05, but when they did their cost analysis, they figured that it would cost less to pay out settlements/lawsuits than to go and fix all the cars? remember that? yeah. sucks. that’s how corporations think a lot, though. what’s the bottom line? how can i make sure i get the most for my money?

well, right now. RIGHT NOW at insurance companies that people pay a LOT of money to premiums for, there are doctors that are paid to sit and decide whether or not people should get treatments and procedures that they ‘need.’ they are banking that people might not fight them, not know their rights, get tired of fighting or hell, that they might be too sick to figure out that they are due the treatment that they’ve paid for all this time. what’s sick is that at some point in their schooling, these doctors took an OATH to ‘do no harm.’ sometimes taking something away from someone, or doing nothing does more harm than actively doing something. or maybe they’ve just done the math and figured out that it’s worth denying people benefits over and over (saving lots of money) over the few lawsuits they might have to pay (a few big payouts).

remember dr. jack kevorkian? he is/was known as the ‘suicide doctor.’ some people also believe he is a downright murderer. he has helped over a hundred people die, with their willing and informed consent because they were in the terminal stages of some form of disease. i don’t want to get into an argument about whether this is right or wrong. instead, what i *will* say is this: he was eventually sentenced to 10-25 years in prison for one of these acts. assisted suicide is, at this present moment, still illegal. it is still considered murder. as far as i know, suicide is still not legal. you go to a psych ward if you are considered a ‘danger to yourself or others.’

so. the idea that getting a government healthcare option (and let’s call it that and not universal healthcare, shall we? universal healthcare implies that everyone essentially is getting medicaid) is tantamount to old people being euthanized and there being ‘death panels,’ is again FUCKING RIDICULOUS. who fucking comes up with this shit? i haven’t had cause to talk politics here in a long time, but i have to say this is something that’s dear to my heart. whomever is going to stand in the way of me getting health insurance is a douchebag. until you know what it’s like to just take for granted the fact that you just don’t go to the doctor, that you consider such things a luxury, then don’t try and tell me anything about a medical plan or what may or may not happen. it’s a shitty way to live, with a minor low-laying fear that you don’t really think about or acknowledge — when you hear a story of someone getting hit on a bike or having pneumonia or needing stitches, your first first thought is … do they have insurance? with the very next one being … are they okay? that’s not cool.

your grandma is already ON medicare, silly. old people are rocking ass, they’re ruling the school. they are a GROWING population. check out the fucking nursing homes/assisted living facilities. there’s no death panels, idiots. and as i saw on twitter the other day … if you think it’s socialism and you’re all fucked up about SOCIALISM, make sure you burn your social security checks, too. or definitely don’t ever file for unemployment. for fuck’s sake!

the government may fuck things up, not do things great, may err on the side of inefficiency. they’re not going to be slashing and burning to get people off their rolls. they’re not going to be looking to kill people. if anything, things will change. we’ll look to pay for preventative medicine and KEEP people healthy, rather than trying to get them well. our vision will change; there will be a much needed paradigm shift. change is hard, i know. but can’t we take a deep breath and try and help out here? you’re fucking scaring me to death.


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