digusted with double standards

you know, the thoughts swirling around my head aren’t really even coherent, so i probably shouldn’t be writing this. but i just saw ANOTHER article about how conservative “grassroots” people are organizing to take over town hall meetings to shout down people with their bile and hate over health care.

and all i can think is …. FUCK YOU.

i was at a meeting in the 47th ward about chicago’s olympic bid the other night. pat ryan was there, gene schulter was there, a few people from the bid were there. they were there to ‘take questions’ from constituents from the ward. actually, they were there to have a commercial for the olympics and repeat talking points about how great it was going to be to have the olympics and how great they were going to be for the city and how wonderful they were going to be and how wonderful they were and … you get the drift. before the whole thing started, the dude moderating made some remarks about how we should all be respectful and how we were respectful people in the ward and how we should treat each other with respect. and i thought to myself, “c’mon, dude. give people a little credit. there might be one or two crazies, but we’re not savages here. besides, if anyone remotely gets out of line, they’ll be squashed pronto.”

and that’s how it was in the regime of bush. anyone who dared to question or protest or assemble peaceably was squashed. no one was allowed in town halls besides people who agreed wholeheartedly with the president, the administration, the monarchy. it was always a rigged game. and the rest of us lived with it for 8 years, taking cold comfort in the new voices of bloggers and the weirdest place to find one of the strongest voices of truth and reason: the daily show.

now … it’s business as usual. they’re taking advantage of the democrats and of fair play and of decency and common courtesy *as per usual.* you don’t want a government healthcare option?*** fine. you have every right to voice your opinion. but don’t be a fucking asshole about it. if people had done shit like this during the dictatorship of bush, they’d be in jail right now for “terrorist activities.” is this how jesus wants you to act, jag offs?

***now about the healthcare option. fuck you, again. your mother and father and grandma and grandma have a government healthcare option. in a lot of states, moms and babies have a government healthcare option. your empty threats about the government rationing healthcare are just that: empty threats and fucking scare tactics. i work for a midwife. i see insurance statements EVERY DAY. i see people who have blue cross blue shield PPOs from their employers, who pay good money for their insurance, get denied on things they were told were covered or get denied on things seemingly just because. you’re GETTING rationed healthcare, paying lots of money for it, and there’s seemingly nothing you can do about it. and they’re getting rich as fuck.

oh, and then there’s people like me. who haven’t had a pap smear in years. that thing that will let me know if i have cervical cancer? you know, one of the most curable ones around? who can’t go to the doctor when they’re really sick and get a simple antibiotic prescription — let’s hope it doesn’t turn into pneumonia or something. who live with all sorts of things that may or may not be serious — moles and chronic pain and there’s that not having gone to the dentist in years. did you know that gum disease has a direct correlation to heart disease? you did? and you don’t care if i have health insurance? FUCK YOU, again.

i’m fucking pissed. it’s not socialist. or if it is, then fuck the public schools (seems we already have) and the cops and the firemen and 911 and the roads (seems we already have) and the libraries and the garbage and all of it. pay each time you need your garbage picked up. oh, your neighbor can’t afford it? oh, the city alleys become a garbage dump? pay each time you need to call 911. oh, you can’t afford it? pay each time you need your street plowed. oh, you can’t afford it …. well, then fuck you. oh and you can pay to send your sons and daughters to go into the military, too.

meanwhile, when i don’t like what you’ve said to me or how you act or your political beliefs, i’ll show up to your work and call you names and scream outside your window or wait until you’re talking to your boss and make a scene. instead of acting like a decent person and trying to communicate with you. because who cares for respect around here? i’m hardly worth a doctor’s visit.


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