well done, sir. well done.

one of the things i’ve always disliked about sox fans is that they seem to go out of their way to chomp at the bit of cubs fans, even when there doesn’t seem a need to do so. they’ll just shit on our happiness for no good reason. now, i must say there hasn’t been much happiness this year. and i also must say i’m not one of these people who believes in this “i’m just a chicago fan” sort of sports person. i have a team. and that’s my team. i wasn’t really concerned with the sox winning the series, and i sort of lamented it in a way. i knew i was going to have to hear it forever. great. that’s fucking great. so, it’s not like i’m all goo goo gaa gaa about any chicago sports team.

but i AM a baseball fan. i love the game. i love the history and the uniqueness of its rules and the way circumstances sometimes come together to make magic happen. the seemingly impossible becomes reality right before your very eyes. and usually with some sort of flair, just for good measure.

mark buehrle of the chicago white sox threw a perfect game today against the tampa bay rays. not just a no-hitter, which is rare in and of itself. but a perfect game. no one gets on base. amazing. and of course, the flair was his teammate dewayne wise climbing up the outfield wall to not only stop someone from getting on base, but to stop them from getting a homerun. amazing catch.

of course i wish it were my team. of course i wish it were maybe some other team … the brewers or someone. but, fact of the matter is, that’s really awesome. i can’t begrudge anyone a perfect game. that’s phenomenal. kudos. and the president even called him to congratulate him. how sweet is that?!?

hats off to you, mark buehrle.


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