breaking the silence

i can tell you all about my little project i had this summer. i had applied online from a craigslist ad to be a butterfinger “FUNtern.” i gave them the requested information. they called me back and said i was in the top 10 in chicago and i was going on to the next step … making a video. this was july 2nd? and the video was due by 11:59 pm july 5th.

i got right on it, finding a video camera i could use. the first person said yes, but ended up not being able to find his. i asked someone on thursday if he’d be able to help. he wasn’t sure but he’d get back to me. i didn’t hear back from him. i ran into someone on friday, but i had to be able to go pick up the camera from him. he and his girlfriend didn’t get back to me until the afternoon of the 5th. yipes!

i got everyone together and got my main cameraman and we set to work. after the shoot, he and i went back to his place and he helped me use final cut pro to make the finished product. i sent the movie away and i got another call. they liked the video. could i come in *right away* for a background check and drug screen?

uhhhh … okay!? i don’t care about drug screens anymore. that’s one of the glorious parts about being abstinent from drugs and alcohol. no worries. but what was this job again? i thought it was something about making videos and putting them online or being a fun ambassador for the butterfinger brand. what was all this about? i guess they didn’t want someone representing their brand who was a total past psychopath. but i still thought it was a little hardcore.

i did that and the next day i went in for an in-person interview with the chicago branch of the public relations firm handling this account. i still was pretty calm; i was just showing up and leaving the outcome to god. i wanted to do this but i also would be fine either way. i did the interview there and felt pretty good about it. time to see what happened.

i got another call saying they wanted me to do a phone interview with the L.A. branch of the PR firm and the nestle brand managers. WTF!? this was the most bizarro thing. i mean, my friends were wondering when i was going to be crowned mrs. butterfinger. alas, i was never crowned anything, but it certainly was an interesting experience. we had a blast making the video and i think it turned out pretty well. the elevator post i wrote was about the place where the PR firm is.

so … no butterfinger FUNternship for me, but i’d like to think the more i keep putting myself out there, the more opportunity i let the universe know i’m ready for something exciting. so keep your good vibes out for my creative health, hey?

and get your OWN butterfingers.


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