fishy geek bro

hilarious. this article (top 10 endearing habits of having a geeky spouse) on having geeky spouses/sigoths/mates was pretty cute, but i didn’t totally get a kick out of it until the very end, when i thought of my dear partner in piscesn crime, bob. he’s a geek guy who loves food stuff and cooking.

“1. Cooking. I’m sure there are lots of geeks who don’t like to cook, or don’t think they do, but if you’re one such, I humbly suggest you give it another few tries. Cooking has so much geek potential it’s a wonder it’s not considered a “typical” geek activity: you’ve got lots of different ingredients to pick from, measuring implements, heat, chemical reactions, gadgets galore and a great deal of nuance. Plus, it’s like doing scientific experiments where you get to eat the results! And there are few things more endearing to potential life partners than being able to cook well (and not just on a grill).”

and i wouldn’t really have put the two together, but he’s on my short list of “people i will stay close to when the economy dies and the market finally eats itself and the corporatization of food and agriculture destructs.” cause he knows how to grow shit. the other two or four are laura, james jen and wyatt … but wyatt and i don’t have ANY communication. i’d *like* to think if the world was going to hell in a handbasket, he’d help with the commune farm, but i’m not going to assume anything since we haven’t spoken in 7 years.

but definitely the other three aftrlifstyle peeps would be good for it, i’m thinking. speaking of chaogrrl, i need to see what that lady is up to.

anyway, nerd out.


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