no one ever believes me

i just got off the phone with an older woman who was soliciting for some business she wanted our business to use.  she asked me my name, pronouncing it wrong the first time with a jocklyn sneaking in there.  i *immediately* corrected her, and she managed to REPEAT IT BACK to me correctly with some effort.  but i heard it. i heard jocelyn.

and then at the end of the call, she proceeded to call me JOCKlyn *two more times.*

what the fuck.  people don’t believe me when i tell them that i can actually tell people –exactly– how to say my name and they will still completely, horribly, blatantly mispronounce it. 

i have a bajillion friends that are pregnant right now.  all of them tossing around names for children.  some of them i like. most of them i am just like … seriously?! what are you thinking?  i have a friend who is running her names past me for the ‘tease/taunt’ factor. if anyone knows these horrors, it is i.  trying to keep this blog anonymous, i’ve tried to keep my last name off of here.  but you take the first name no one can spell or pronounce and the last name that garnered me the nickname “hate word” in college (albeit by one or two people), and i think i’ve got that market cornered.  any time i start to snicker at a name, i pull myself up short pretty damn quick*.

so, i just can’t understand these people who can’t listen for the second it takes for me to say the two (or three, depending on how you fancy it) syllables of my name.  c’mon!

*milton bradley, however, can go fuck himself.


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