a hint

trying not to be a lazy bastard and do another vlog, but i still might make a vlog of this anyway. here’s a tip for all you small business owners out there: if you are thinking it might be a great idea to get your name out there by putting all of your business info ON YOUR CAR, i would highly suggest otherwise.

here’s the thing. it’s like the tattoo you get on your leg. as much as you think you’ll always remember it’s there, you won’t. eventually you forget. and other people see it and notice it and call you out on it and you’re still wondering what fish they’re talking about. but it’s all they’ve been staring at for the last five minutes. and that’s even with a VERY small tattoo.

even with the best of drivers, you’re going to fuck up. you’re going to make a mistake, do something you shouldn’t, lose your cool, have a cringeworthy moment. god knows i cosider myself a really good driver, and god also knows i’ve had those times where i’ve wished i could disappear from behind the wheel and say a gremlin was driving or something.

now, imagine that you’re a total doucher when you drive. fact of the matter is, you’re just screaming “douchebag company.” no matter how great you may or may not be at work, all i know of you is what a fucking jackass you are behind two tons of metal. and depending on how BIG of a jackass you are, you potentially could also be very hazardous to my person as well.

you don’t want that sort of responsibility heaped upon your business name/image when you’re going to jewel or picking up the kids or god forbid, going out for one with the rest of the crew after work. just leave the business advertising to the billboards and the magazines and the tv and radio ads. leave the advertising to the PR people and leave the driving to us. well, to whomever should be driving. you get the drift.

when i see the shit drivers with their business information, all i can think is, “are you the owner?” followed by “do you know what kind of fuckshaw employees you have working for you?” not something you want me blogging or twittering about, you see.

don’t do it, people. don’t do it.


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