irons in the fire

because i don’t already have enough going on ….

1. i recently accepted the position as Events Director of the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP). More on that to come. Right now you can find us at bookmark it so you don’t have to type it in all the time.

2. i started a new blog that i hope to get some wider exposure. it’s a blog of video blogs (vlogs). it’s called “isn’t she beautiful.” the ‘she’ refers to chicago, and it’s going to largely focused on my takes on stories about chicago, things happening here, etc. sort of a video chicagoist. it’s at

that’s about it for now. i always have about a million other things swirling around. OH!

3. i really need a part-time job. preferably something i could do from home, office-y, but really anything. i’ll do office-y things in someone *else’s* home. i’ll clean, i’ll organize. i’ll do this or that. preferably on weekends. other times are negotiable, depending on what and where. so …. let me know if you hear of anyone who needs anything done.


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