little things make me happy

there’s always one or two little things in every job i work that give me a certain satisfaction to do. they’re always really small little things that don’t have anything to do with the real meat and potatoes of my job.  i don’t know why.  i guess it’s probably the OCD in me. 

when i worked at laramar, when i just couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t sit at my desk for one minute longer, i got a great satisfaction of going around to all the copiers and printers and filling them all up with paper.  i don’t know why.  i wasn’t slacking off — it was something that needed to be done, and something that most of the execs weren’t going to think to do or probably even want to do.  but there was something satisfying about seeing how many reams of paper i could put into a machine.  and then moving on to another copier or printer and seeing how many more i could use.  could i use enough reams to finish off a whole box of paper? 

why?  why was that exciting to me? i couldn’t even begin to tell you. that’s so weird and bizarre.  but it took up some time and i could get out of my seat and still feel like i was doing something productive.  i was still doing something in my job description and something that was contributing to the general good.

the thing here that is kind of like that is the water fountain.  there’s this little zen water fountain over in this little nook.  i don’t know how long it takes — once a month?  but i can sometimes hear the motor sucking a little dry.  and i get this little happiness from going and getting these two vases and and filling it up.  here you go, little fountain.  drink and be happy.  i know.  what a weirdo thing.  but there’s this weird sense of accomplishment.  maybe because it’s instant gratification.  instant results.  empty, full.  job well done. pat on back.

i don’t know what made me think of this other than i filled the fountain today. and the other weird thing is … until i wrote this blog post, it is an anonymous venture.  it’s a random act of kindness. i never say “boy, that fountain sure was empty.”  i just sort of do it and move on.  so maybe there’s some happiness in that.  anyway, who knows.  any of you have stuff like that?

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