10 long days

man. i just need to say something here. i don’t like neglecting this space. i didn’t even do a 5 year anniversary post. it was 5 years at the end of march. that’s something, hey? i feel like i’m on the edge of something huge. really, truly. so much energy waiting to be transformed. i feel like i say that a lot, though.

eat different.
start exercising.


i’m starting the steps over with a new sponsor who is a really great fit for me.
i just got an aura reading from the aforementioned billy pacholski that showed me some things i hadn’t seen before and which confirmed some things i already knew.
i’ve met some people recently that my energy is really vibing on and who i’m really excited to learn from and collaborate with and basically hang out with and laugh a shitload with.
CHIRP is really moving forward and i’m super excited.
there’s lots going on in the service world of the steps of 12.

it’s the seasonal time of depression and whirlygigs, and i’m having a hard time right now. but, i’m muddling through as best as i can. i know i’m not the only one.

so. that’s that. i posted something.


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