double standard

you know, i’m sitting here at work and i’m doing something mindless. a co-worker asked me what i thought of obama’s interview on leno last night (p.s. when are you going to go and see your old friend, jon stewart. barack??). i said i thought it was a great interview. which i did.

now … there’s that whole special olympics remark. dude. what the hell. i’m not going to defend it. that was pretty uncool. i’ll say this … i know that i’ve been around plenty of people — myself and my friends included — who have made a joke or comment that turned out not to be so funny. that was racial or sexist or something that just wasn’t cool. maybe it was conscious, maybe it was unconscious, but we’re human and sometimes we screw up. that’s why AA has a step that says “… WHEN we were wrong, promptly admitted it.” not IF we were wrong.

but, as i sit here, i realize what a double standard he’s going to get from the repubs. this is going to play about what a shithead/dickfuck he is … from people who listen to a guy who went out of his way to say that michael j. fox was exaggerating and somewhat faking his PARKINSON’S symptoms. seriously?! aaaahhhh!

anyway, it just occurred to me that an accidental bad joke is not the same as purposefully intending to smear someone’s good name. and … the other thing … the limited contact i’ve had with developmentally disabled/mentally retarded people is that they generally have a pretty good sense of humor about life and about themselves. obama should invite some special olympics bowlers to the white house and bowl with them. they’ll probably mop up the lanes with him — and trash talk his ass the whole time.


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