we will not stand for this

so. i talked about not posting, and then it’s flurry time. there’s that word again. anyway, there have been two weird things that have happened in the last few days that are worth commenting on. i wish they weren’t, but they are.

first off, the old navy chimp from the original commercials went fucking nuts and mauled this lady. this is significant for several reasons. the first being that when those commercials came out, i started using the phrase “whatevah, old navy” to mean something i was just ovah. like “whatevah, stupid old pshaw.” i have no use for you. follow the link to read the story about how it happened. shit, how anything happens in my weird ass vocabulary life.

so my friend, jen, who was all up in the old navy scene back in the day, sends me this article, and says she’s going to get the karmic smackdown cause she’s laughing a little about it. i see her email, and i sit at the computer and laugh about it. a LOT. but then i get her *second* email with the link to the story in it, and i’m fucking horrified.

i don’t know what i THOUGHT she meant by the word *mauled,* but i guess i am so used to the way we overuse and overexaggerate words these days (really? do you really know what awesome means? — i’m guilty, i’m just saying that’s what we do), that i just pictured an attack, but not something out of a fucking horror movie. that shit is CRAAAZZZY. and they had these quotes from this zoologist from the bronx zoo that was kind of cold, but it’s like … shit, people. don’t live with wild animals. it’s just not a great idea. and i thought, damn! but, what are you going to do? it’s a risk, right? i mean, ask roy about it. he was all cool about it, cause he’s like … well, i’m living with a fucking TIGER.

the second being this: i know that dogs and cats have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, but i won’t say that there haven’t been times when i have had my face all up in some cat or dog’s grill and thought … man. if this snouter or smussio wants to get all fucking mental right now and eat my face off, there’s nothing i can do. i’m history. seriously. it’s an animal. i’ve got nothing here. especially against dog jaws, but if you’ve ever been scratched by some cat claws, you know that’s no joke, either.

so, yeah, i guess that was pretty crazy shit. jen told me the lady lost like most of her face!?!?! shit. i don’t know. that’s so beyond.

what’s even more insane …..

is that the new york post goes and runs this crazy ass satire cartoon about the stimulus package with two cops standing over a monkey they shot saying something about someone else is going to have to write the next stimulus package. naturally, al sharpton is freaking out, but …. HE SHOULD BE FREAKING OUT.

i should preface this by saying that while i thought the controversial new yorker cartoon was pretty ridiculous (i didn’t think it was funny — i thought it missed its mark), i thought it was what it was. first amendment and all. and i also think this falls under first amendment. you get to say what you want to say. people don’t have to like it. people can outright fucking hate it.

but they can also call a spade a spade, and say that it’s fucking racist and tasteless and ridiculous. for all the posturing that al sharpton has done in the past and for all the times he might have gone out of his way to seemingly blow some things out of proportion in some people’s eyes, this is right on the money. a monkey? getting shot? that potentially represents the president?? for fuck’s sake, man. not cool.

and i don’t know what constitutes censorship. to me, it would be the *government* telling the post they couldn’t run a particular article or news story or … cartoon.. but it’s pretty bizarre that no one saw that cartoon going through the newsroom or the op-ed room or the printing press and said .. HEY. this is outfuckingrageous. we can’t fucking print this. we have to show a modicum of decency here. this is over the top. this is way out of line. we know we’re the POST, for god’s sake, but let’s try and act somewhat like we don’t have our heads completely up our asses.

but here’s the deal. as my friend and i talked about this tonight and we threw ideas back and forth about what this means and meant and what it said about the post and the country and the cartoon and the idea she put forth that it was worse because essentially the decision to run this was “made by committee,” something came to my mind. (i.e., it wasn’t just one person’s decision to have this happen. many people’s eyes had to see this go down before it went to print. it wasn’t just a unilateral decision. many people either had to agree, or be silent, whichever is worse.) and here’s what it is.

bring it on. bring it now. and bring it strong and hard and early. bring out your best while you can. show yourselves soon. show it while things are tough and dark and hard and we’re in the trenches. punch him in the gut while you can and then kick him in the balls, too. i’d rather the racists and the prejudiced motherfuckers just do it. why hide it? why make it subtle? just bring out your dead. these are dark days and we need a lot of support right now. so, if you’re going to come both guns blasting, then you might as well do it in the middle of the street, and not do it in a dark alley. if you want to go old school racist and use ‘monkey’ comparisons, then let’s see it. if you want to make sick comparisons to our president getting shot, beware. beware.

that’s the thing … i hate hypocrisy. i don’t think anyone should have to stand and defend a government or a president they truly believe is doing something they don’t think is right. but i can’t stand when someone or a group of someones will stand and tell me over and over and over how the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT is so sacred and how we must SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT and how we need DEFEND the PRESIDENT and how we must RESPECT the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT and how we need to STAND BY the PRESIDENT and how we must NEVER QUESTION the PRESIDENT and …….. then they will turn tail the minute someone steps into office they disagree with for a minute.

fuck you, you traitors. that’s what you said we all were. we didn’t love our country. we didn’t care about america. we didn’t want to see us succeed. we didn’t respect the government. we didn’t support our troops. that’s what you said we did and thought and were because we didn’t sit down, shut up, and fly straight … into a war of deceit and lies and death, an economy built on deceit and lies and greed and a government made of deceivers and liars and cheaters.

as we can see, all that didn’t work out so well. so, those people can keep cranking out their sick cartoons. but when it comes to trying out some new ideas? it seems like it might behoove us for all of them to sit down, shut up, and reach across the aisle. try something else out. insanity is doing the same things over and over and over again and expecting a different result to happen. i’ve had enough of insanity. it’s time for intelligence and integrity again.


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