so smussy. so ubiquitous.

so. if you’re new to the smussyolay, you might not know about the language of smuss. i can get to that again later, but needless to say, it’s varied and interesting, but mostly people dig it. they groove on smussy. it’s easy to catch on to, and it has a natural rhythm and pattern that one easily assimilates to. it just is.

the more i hang out with my dad, however, the more i realize this sort of stuff is in my genes. i’ve talked about this before, but the dude has all sorts of crazy ass made up words and phrases and things that flow from him. they’re totally non-sensical if you aren’t in the know or are just listening from afar. it’s like … “what?” but, if you’ve been indoctrinated, you just … know. it makes total sense. it’s just in context.

that’s how language is. we know what we know because we’ve been taught that. we know what a blog is because we know what one is. previous to knowing what one was, b l o g was just 4 letters that sort of sounded like some crazy ass sound. we’re just always putting various sounds and words and letters together and making them have meaning. i’m really into several subjects that fascinate me (weather, law and medicine). some of my other top priority subjects are sociology and the study of language and words and phrases and such … the study of etymology is high on my list.

anyway, i tell you that to tell you this. i am always talking and begging, borrowing and stealing shit from people. if you say a word or a phrase or use a funny noise or voice, i’ll take it. i’ll appropriate it. i’ll co-opt it. i most certainly will. why not. the american english language is filled with words from other languages and alls sorts of stuff. so, i do the same with my friends. i have certain voices that are lifted straight from other friends and made to be my own. i mean, it makes sense. the core philosophy of my life (recovery) is all about people passing things down, one to another, over and over and over again. not a lot of original thought, but it’s how it works.

so … i do this thing when i see things that are super cute or whatever. if i see a super cute square dog, i’ll say in this singsong voice, “so cute. so square.” or “so gray. so square.” or “so smussy. so square.” it’s usually two adjectives. but it’s my deal, so i can switch it up. but that’s how it started. two adjectives. and there’s a general group of friends who have gotten used to this practice. one time, i was with some of them, and i saw this smussy dog and i just said, “so gray. so gray.” (at least, i think that’s what it was. point being, i repeated the same thing twice.)

my one friend starting laughing his ass off because i broke the pattern. i didn’t know people paid that much attention to me, and frankly, i thought they were sort of pissed that i did it all the time. to be honest, i get a little autistic with that stuff. and i literally mean that. it’s like i can’t even stop myself. i have to do it, repeat it. there was this phrase with our family dog, johnny, that when i got on a roll, i’d sit there and just say to him over and over like 20 times. whatever. i’m borderline everything, people.

so, after that, it turns out that my friends start doing this “so ___, so ____.” i think it’s pretty funny, although even *i* think i’ve created something bigger than myself sometimes. however, it’s pretty great, considering i want to get smussy in the dictionary in like 10-15 years (my 20-25 has been going on for awhile, so it think 10 years has gone by now, hey?).

well, we’ve started seeing things like this other places. public places. marketing places. we were at an IHOP fairly recently, and their all you can eat pancake menu said something like “so ___. so delicious.” awesome. well, today, i came across something on the sharpie blog (stainless steel sharpies? WHAT!?!?) that was even better. scroll down to the end of this post to see more of my awesomeness in action.

i rule. i promise when my language takes over, the world will be a happier place. MYAY!


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