a decision

i *think* i’ve finally come to a decision. and it was confirmed by a dream last night. i’m going to switch gears here at the smussyolay. and maybe i’ll wait until march so that going into my 5th year (5!!) will mark the change.

i think any sort of diaryesque missives will be done as ‘notes’ on facebook. the more private sort of things. they’ll still be really public, so i’m not really hiding anything from anyone. i’m not going underground or anything. but the more stream of consciousness, no edit, whatever’s on my mind as far as emotions or what have you, i think i’m going to leave there.

then, i think i’m going to really do my best to make the smussyolay a place that i could send people to see representative samples of my writing. i might still talk about politics and stuff, and i might still dash stuff off on the fly. it’s not going to be super mega formal or anything. but i think i’m going to try and do a better job of having more crafted, edited pieces. pieces that might go in these future books i want to write. we’ll see. it might not come to fruition, but that’s going to be the plan.

so, that’s my plan. and i’m also hoping it will spur me to do some more ‘serious’ writing (meaning more purposeful writing), because i don’t intend to let this blog die or fade away. if i find i’m not writing here anymore, i very well might go back to the old school smussyolay. anyway, that’s where i’m at for now.


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