a new day

it’s over. eight long years. they’re over. they’re done. i don’t know who gets to pack up all of their clothes and knick knacks and personal items, but they’re done. they’re packed and moved out. it’s finally over. the bushes are gone and moved back to texas or wherever they’re going to settle, here and there. the white house is no longer theirs to call home.

truthfully, i don’t hate the man. in these last few weeks, i’ve felt pity for him. i’ve seen the pictures of him when he started and the pictures of him now, and like most presidents, he’s aged quite a bit. and although he’s been terribly ignorant and arrogant and immature, i still think he was in way over his head. i think he was a victim of his own insecurities and fears and demons. and that put him and the whole country in a very, very dangerous position. one of fear and resentment and one where the world and its people ‘actually dominated us,’ rather than the other way around. but i wax poetic and philosophical.

horrific things were done in my name, and on some level that seems entirely unforgivable. but, to some extent, i want to walk away from it all and keep looking forward. looking back to learn from my mistakes, our mistakes, but truly keeping my head and directed vision forward to the solution and the goals ahead. i’m not naive. i’m a bit scared, really. i know there is so much hard work ahead. i know there’s so many things that need to be settled up, fixed, rearranged and given a new direction.

but i think we have a real shot. i think we have a president who truly has some real indispensables at his disposal. i think he truly is honest, open-minded and willing to try new things; to be open to change; and to really seek out a wide, varied collection of sources and intellects and ideas with which to guide and inform him.

all of this is left to be seen. but the fact that we’re making history with each new day is really, truly a miracle. a miracle has been described to me in the past as a ‘shift in perspective.’ and if this isn’t a miracle, i don’t know what is. i’m just so excited to see what might lay in store for us all and what great new possibilities lie ahead. i hope we all will rise to the occasion and join our new president in his call to service and our duty to contribute to our country. the country that hopefully we all love and hope to see prosper and flourish. i hope we can all see that we all must make a difference and stand together. that if we are to be successful, we must find strength in numbers, and not stand idly by as any of us would be hurt or in need or struggling. that when we abandon the least of us, we abandon society, and in doing so, we will eventually all perish at the hands of greed and ambition and deceit.

i have hope today and i can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring. god keep us all.


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