mental weardown

i’m gmail chatting with a friend. as we speak, actually. and i just told him that i am excited, because i think i can wear my chuck taylors today without fear. and i really must say that it’s a huge part of why winter takes such a toll on me.

he says … ‘the lack of chucks?’

not exactly, friend. it’s the mental exhaustion of winter. always being afraid of being cold or stuck somewhere and being underdressed and then being afraid of the fairly dire consequences of that. i’m always just trying to anticipate the worst case scenario and planning for that and that’s just not a good way to live. not to mention, i often don’t do too bad of a job and often times i *still* wish i were warmer most of the time.

those hand warmer things were brought to my attention the other day and i need to remember that they exist. they seem positively delicious and i don’t think they’re very expensive at all. i need to invest.

anyway, just wanted to throw something up here. yay for a little warmer-upper. whatever that means. truly, i don’t consider 40 warm. but you take what you can get, no?


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