who’s really the jerk?

when i get off the bus, i try and make it a point to get off near the driver so that i can thank him/her for driving. if it’s monday, i’ll sometimes say ‘have a nice week.’ otherwise, i’ll give a generic ‘have a nice day’ or ‘have a nice night.’ if it’s friday, i’ll tend toward ‘have a nice weekend.’ i like it because it’s nice to have a human interaction and they nearly always reciprocate, which is nice, too. they’ve driven me safely to my destination and that’s cool.

today, the bus stopped at western, and we weren’t even really in motion yet, and someone showed up at the door. i can’t believe the driver didn’t see this woman, but he pulled off anyway. i thought it was totally shitty. sometimes, when that happens, the driver will stop across western and let them on, since they have to sort of merge with traffic anyway. i thought maybe he didn’t care because there was a bus right behind, but i had looked at the bus tracker before i left the house, and i was pretty sure it would be another ten minutes or so. it was too cold out for that shit.

the woman ran and she was going for the next stop. it was going to be hard, but she was running. when he stopped for the merge, i thought maybe he was going to let her on, but as soon as he got the opportunity, he went for it. however, there were lots of cars, and it took him awhile. pulling out, it seemed like he was going slow. i thought maybe he was doing it on purpose. i was silently cheering this woman on. then the bus got caught behind someone turning left! YAY lady! i was now convinced this was a moment of pronoia* for the woman and i was cheering her on even more. the bus driver started blowing his horn and i was really thinking he didn’t care if the woman got on or not.

someone rang the bell. he had to stop for the stop now. even better. i looked out and someone else was getting on. perfect. even more time. i kept looking out the window. she was still running. i’ve done things like this before and if you are not in shape, this is a long run. we pulled up and the woman got off and the man got on and the running woman got on *just* in the nick of time. i was thrilled. A-HA! she beat you, driver man!! she won. good for her.

i was the very next stop and i got off, and while i normally would have wished him a good day, i made the conscious effort not to. screw him. he was a big fat jerk to that lady and i wasn’t going to do it. he didn’t deserve it. now, most people don’t do it anyway. i see them. they don’t say anything as they leave the bus. but, that didn’t feel right. who was i punishing? did i have the right to deny this man something that i do for every other bus driver because i got to be judge and jury right then? i don’t know. all i know is that i felt like i ended up to be the bigger jerk after all.

*pronoia: the suspicion that the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf.


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