time machine

i have a few errands before i go to work today. one of which includes target, the other joann fabrics (i need a button for my coat). as i was lying in bed, praying to god to help me get the fuck out of the bed and going over my tasks for today, i wished that i could get the buttons at target. but would they have a ‘notions’ section? and certainly not one extensive to buy the buttons at.

i suddenly had a flash of the kmart of my youth … they actually had a pretty extensive sewing/crafts section. to the point where you could pick up bolts of fabric, patterns and the sewing accessories to make an outfit. i was just remembering that and feeling a wee bit nostalgic for those times. times when my sister and i could run around and hide in the clothes racks without my mother really freaking out, fearing that we’d get snatched up. times when there were blue light specials and you could buy an icee from there.

it is these memories (and the flashback to the woolworth’s in the mall in milwaukee recently) that give me the distinct sensation that i am part of a particular generation. generation X, i guess, but i feel a distance now between where and how i lived and people who have come after me. i don’t know how i feel about it. part of me feels old. especially since i haven’t accomplished a lot of things i thought i would by now. but part of me feels special for having gone through a particular space in time.

thoughts before work. yipes.


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