and so it begins

i bought new boots this weekend. i needed some. they’re short, not tall. but they seem like they will be very warm. i think i will also go to target, heeding my friend dillan’s call, and pick me up some lined rain boot looking things. you can never have too much protection, people.

i put on my boots as i ventured out into the 2-3″ snow today and i just got bummed. i said to myself “and so it begins.” the noticing who’s shoveled their sidewalks and who hasn’t. where the puddles are. where it gets icy. asking to be kept safe and NOT. FALL. DOWN. (twice last year!!) walking strange and stilted and unnatural. dreading going outside.

blah. i tells ya. i just need to get all richy-rich and have two houses. one here, where my heart lies, and one in socal. one day, i tell you. one day.

until then, let the snow be pretty and the neighbors courteous.


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