dead zone

probably shouldn’t write as i’m falling asleep. but i feel like i’ve been neglectful. there’s been bloggers that i love where i think “why aren’t they posting more regularly? don’t they know how much i enjoy their writing?” i’m not saying any of you are in that position, especially because it seems like those people craft their posts, unlike me, who just throws things out there.

but, i felt like i should put something out there. headed to ‘sconnie to have tgiving with the p’s tomorrow. should be good. they want to go to bingo (potawonami?) friday morning. this will necessitate me getting up earlier than i get up for work. blah!

i’ve gained a lot of weight recently. most of it is most likely due to poor eating habits and no exercise. but i forget that i’ve been off my topamax for awhile, and i think that tends to keep my weight down. we’ll see.

okay. i’m fading. maybe a gratitude post tomorrow. smooches.


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