— what would grandma do?

i called my mom yesterday to talk about the election with her. we didn’t talk long, because she was driving home and got off the phone when she was getting on the expressway. but she asked me if i was down at grant park, and i told her i was.

at one point in the conversation, she asked me if i thought my deceased (1) grandma would have voted for barack obama. i didn’t hesitate one second. i said, ‘yes.’ it’s funny, because i thought about her when i was down there and how barack’s grandma was looking down on the celebration, and i know my grandma’s spirit was floating around somewhere there, too.

my grandma was a really amazing woman. as she got older, she tended to have less of a filter (2), and sometimes hurt my feelings with stray comments about my hair and my weight, but all in all, she had a pretty great and interesting life.

she was in WWII and ended up getting pregnant with my dad from a solider in the war. she worked in a women’s department of a department store for years. my grandpa owned a bar, and she cooked for him at points. she raised two sons (she had another son with my grandpa) and was really involved in unity church. she was all about course in miracles and all other forms of spiritual enlightenment. native american, tarot cards, bible, Kahlil Gilbran, eastern religion, western religion, homeopathic remedies … you name it, she tried it.

she was one of ten children (eight girls, two boys at the end), and lived through the great depression. she only finished 10th grade in high school, but she was one of the smartest people i know … if you wanted to buy her a crossword book (which she loved), you’d better get her an expert new york times, otherwise, she didn’t really want it.

i know that she would have voted for obama cause she was all about social justice and healthcare and i’m sure this economy shit would have driven her insane. she was truly for the people. i don’t hesitate a second to say she would have been a barack fan. and i’m really happy that even though my family can run toward social conservatism, they were ready to vote barack in, no matter what.

(1) i think this december will be two years, but that seems like too long of a time. maybe one year? i don’t know … i hate that my brain betrays me.

(2) she was 100% mentally there. it wasn’t like she was demented or anything. that’s partly why it hurt … like, for heaven’s sake, grandma! do you not think that bothers me?


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