it’s here.

election day, 2008. what a great time to be an american. historical moments all around us, and the chance to truly step up and be a part of a moment that could radically change our life as we know it — for the good.

i signed up for a grant park rally ticket, and it said i was getting one. however, i never got an email like my friends did, saying i was wait listed or that a ticket would be in my inbox on monday. my friend, adam, got one though, and we agreed if the other person got a ticket, we’d take the other.

i’m really excited, a little nervous, and very hopeful. i have to say this post re: “riot survival” for cops makes me the most nervous. there’s prepared and then there’s assuming the worst. that’s just as dangerous as not being prepared, as far as i’m concerned.

i’m asking my HP to watch over me and to take care of all of us tonight. i really think that we can come together to have a great party with little to no side effects.



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