oh, trashy tv.

so there’s a whole lot of crap ass tv on VH1. it’s bad, cause i watch it instead of doing writing and stuff. story of my life. i need to really get some writing cranked out. but if i write every day, i will be happy.

anyway, i just wanted to comment on this phenomenon that occurs on this terrible show called ‘the pick up artist.’ it’s really weird and crazy and i hope i wouldn’t be taken in by someone who called himself ‘mystery,’ but whatever.

the thing that i think is so interesting about this show is that the premise is pretty creepy, right? teaching guys how to ‘have game’ with very precise, premeditated and particular rules. but the great thing is this … the guys are all sort of at the relatively same place when it comes to knowing nothing about women. so they are always pulling for each other and when someone goes home every week, they’re genuinely sad and bummed.

every other reality tv show shows at least two people at the end saying shit like “i’m glad that bitch is gone.” or “my plan worked.” or some other evil shit. i just like that they’re all cool with each other and become friends. nice. sort of unexpected from a show that really has a pretty high sleaze factor in other ways.

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