the church of bowling

i was witness to and part of one of the most incredible, fun and impromptu pieces of public improvisation last night. a bunch of my friends (9?) and i were at timber lanes going bowling. we bowled for awhile and were having a great time. various songs were coming on the jukebox — some of them i really liked, some i was indifferent to and some i really didn’t care for. the spectrum ranged from tears for fears to tlc to n’sync to reba mcintire to iron maiden and black sabbath.

we were just going with the flow when madonna’s ‘like a prayer’ came on. a bunch of us were singing and dancing around a bit when one of my friends noticed that on the other side of the bowling alley, there was a big group of people also singing and dancing. this encouraged us, and we kept up our share of the fun. then, the people on the alley next to us started getting into the groove. by the time the choir kicked in, the whole bowling alley was full-fledged invested. everyone was dancing and singing and we were all clapping our hands. the people from the other side came over to us and we all got down. the song goes on for awhile, but we all kept it up the whole time. at one point, some of the other group got up and danced on the counter right behind each alley. i looked at the bartender and he had a huge smile on his face. the other employee eventually grabbed his digital camera and started videoing us. i was going to do the same, but decided to stay in the moment (although, i really do wish i had some video of this).

it was absolutely improvisation at its finest. it was a big “yes and” and totally a group vibe/energy. it was so fun and so weird and so unexpected. it truly was an exceptional moment in my bowling life and definitely in my regular life. sweet. if you want to refresh your memories, the ‘like a prayer’ video is above. enjoy.


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