items of note

feeling nauseated this morning and shaky. i don’t know why. i hope i didn’t eat anything bad.

my dad is in the hospital. his foot got all jacked up with an infection. sigh. i’ve seen this coming for awhile, because he had these dark purple spots that he would always chalk up to “his boots.” oh well. i guess he’s super crabby now — i didn’t think i should tell my mom that it might have something to do with the fact that he hasn’t had a drink in a week. i’m sure being in the hospital makes him crabby anyway, especially since he refuses pain meds and i don’t know what kind of sleep he’s really getting. i also find that fascinating … he just will not take pain meds unless it’s absolutely necessary. i guess whatever they’re giving him (vicodin and whatnot) doesn’t even touch the pain, so he just isn’t bothering with getting anything stronger (better, is always my word …). i also have always wondered if his high tolerance for alcohol inhibits the pain med from working. i wish i could talk to his doctor/s without him knowing. i guess he doesn’t need surgery, so that’s good.

i’m a notary (public). in case you need anything notarized. i believe the law says you can only charge $1, so if someone else charges more, they’re ripping you off.

that is all.


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