there’s so much new/newish music i’m missing out on these days. i think i should get the kooks’ new album. i’m listening to ‘shine on’ right now, and i think it’s great. wonder if the rest of the album is the same.

on another audio note, i’m wondering if i should start making podcasts. how/when i don’t know. maybe on saturdays or something. we’ll see.

that’s about it. i was a total slack/depresso yesterday. sat around and watched terrible tv and ate a shitload. i haven’t done that in months. oh well. i’ve relapsed on sugar and it shows … i’ve been feeling squirrely lately, i think. need to keep drink and cigarette away from me. i guess if i relapse on sugar, it’s not the end of the world, but it shows me that my head’s sort of in a bad space.

okay. more later, i suppose.


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