i really don’t want to believe in curses. i don’t think that’s the kind of life i want to live. it’s why i erase and cancel out all those ridiculous chain e-mails with some sort of threat at the end. it’s cool if you want to send me a sappy story about something or something faith based or even a nice parable. but don’t threaten me with bad luck if i don’t. are you fucking kidding me? if the story is worth forwarding, i’ll forward it and erase all that shit on the end.

all that to say, i don’t really want to believe in curses. but i’m baffled about what happened to the cubs. i say ‘to’ because i can’t understand what happened. i really believed with all my heart that they were going to the world series this year, and they just crumbled. how does a team play such wonderful ball all year just disintegrate like that? god.

well, it’s definitely all about the brewers now. c’mon, milwaukee. let’s do it. and i can’t tell you how much i want the sox to get swept now. that’s how much of a jerkstore i am. but too bad. they weasled their way into the playoffs like the cubs did against san fran that one year, and they also got swept out of things by atlanta. so, eff the sox. bring on the broom. by the looks of things, the whole city needs a cleanup.


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