the wisconsin report

okay, first off. yes, people in WI care about israel. my dad said if something happens to them, we’ll be in another huge war. but he did go on to say “the whole middle east is nuts.” you can’t change them, 1/2 of them have religious reasons, and the other 1/2 are just crazy.

so, point noted and i withdraw my limited view of people from WI.

however, the great conversation i had just now was with my mother. i think she’s a good representative of an undecided voter, someone who could easily be swayed by non-political issues, and someone who isn’t super well-versed in politics.

so. … here’s what she had to say. she said “this is dumb,” but she was pissed that
barack had to walk to shake john’s hand at the beginning of the debate; that barack came over and shook his hand sincerely. what pissed her off even MORE was that at the end of the debate when they were kissing wives and whatnot, that ‘barack had to walk across over the whole stage to shake his hand again. why wouldn’t they meet him in the middle, she wanted to know.

she liked how barack handled himself — a LOT. she said things like … he was cool and collected. she liked how he complimented john. and that mccain was “mean and cruel.” also that “he didn’t look well at all to me, he looked awful white.” she repeatedly said that she did NOT like the fact that mccain kept calling barack naive and that he just sat there and attacked barack.

on some political spin, “they thought barack looked darker; he didn’t look different to me.” interesting. also, “i liked where he said to mccain i don’t know where you’re getting figures from ..yeah give it to him!”

she said that this was the debate that wasn’t obama’s strong suit, so she was really looking forward to the next one. “i think foreign stuff is john mccain’s strong suit … well now we got others and it’s [the debate] not going to be foreign.”

she was irritated that mccain tried to blame biden for not doing enough in committee .. “what are you bringing biden in for …” she agreed with me that the biden/palin scenario is rife with potential. “i think he’s going to put her under so bad i don’t think it’s going to be funny.”

best thing my mother said, ” i did not honestly think i would watch the whole debate, i thought it would be boring, now i know for sure i’m for barack.” hells to the yeah!

she then went on to talk about how obama is a gentleman, and that “i thought mccain was an asshole the way he treated him …quit attacking!”

he kind of handled himself like john kennedy did … enjoyed his smiles and the fact that he was good looking, but she also said “good looking, he’s young, but what he’s saying makes sense.” NICE!

also really likes michelle and thinks she’ll be the next jackie o. she looks really nice and doesn’t wear a thousand jewels.

so yeah, this is good news. hopefully lots of people like my mom will come to the conclusion/s she did!


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