presidental debate — liveblog

7:50 — dude from newsweek tells keith olbermann that mccain’s camp has said that if mccain is tired or off, that it’s because ‘he’s putting country, not politics, first.’ okay.

9 minute segments
jim lehrer from pbs — he’s chosen the topics and questions and they’ve been cleared by no one.
security and solvency … economic strength
5 minutes to respond to one another

8:04 pm obama: we’ve heard about wall street … those of you who are on main street have been struggling for awhile.

8:06 pm mccain: brings up kennedy — sad note. for real?
we need to get our spending under control, john? how about leaving that huge war behind?

8:15 pm bears in montana? okay. how about crabs in alaska?

8:16 pm earmarks 18 billion dollars .. 300 billion dollars in tax cuts to wealthy corporations and rich people. he does well here by showing the difference between himself and mccain.

8:17 pm obama: growing the economy from the bottom up – like AA!! bring it!

8:18 pm. why is mccain bringing up these federal indictments? those are republican jerks.

8:19 pm they will NOT talk to one another!
obama IS talking to him now … john won’t look at him really.

8:20 pm mccain: how the hell are you comparing us to ireland?

8:24 pm mccain .. i don’t know how you can make this tax thing sound better than obama’s plan.

what the fuck does the energy bill have to do with this question?

8:26 pm energy independence! ohio and michigan!! represent! health care!! education! affordable college!! our infrastructure needs help!

8:29 pm …oooh! most liberal voting record! scary.

8:30 pm why does mccain keep talking about federal prison?

8:32 pm google for government!!

8:33 pm . ‘you’re using a hatchet when you need a scalpel.’ nice, barack! a spending freeze save for defense, veteran’s benefits? okay.

8:34 pm. is it the 80’s again? we’re back to nuclear power?

who picks out john mccain’s clothing? that tie isn’t good for tv, bro.

8:36 pm obama says we must know what our priorities are, what our values are, what are we fighting for

mccain wants us to make a choice about our healthcare? how about getting me some, johnny?

8:37 pm keep up with the veteran stuff. are they a massive swing population?

john, your president presided over this orgy of spending. and you voted for almost all of his budgets …

8:38 pm. again with the ‘miss congeniality’ line from mccain. oh boy. here comes the maverick crap. seriously?

8:39 much as been said about the lessons from vietnam, what do you think the lessons of iraq are? BOOM.

john, i thought you went to iraq and said it was like a marketplace anywhere or something like that. not that you had to change anything.

8:40 pm … an ally in the middle east? wasn’t there already an increase in sectarian violence because we went there in the first place?

8:41 pm. should we have gone to war in the first place? how much will it cost, what will our exit strategy going to be, intelligence is sound? people around the world? we didn’t finish in afghanistan. ‘i wish i had been wrong for the sake of the country.’

al queda is resurgent more than ever … $10 billion a month we’re spending … we have to use our military wisely.

8:43 pm. how we leave, when we leave and what we leave behind. oppose the surge? no, he’s opposing going to the war in the first place.

8:44 pm. that’s senate inside baseball … nice.

surge was a tactic used to fix up the rest of the shitty war. he’s acting like the war started in 2007! YES!

oohhh! barack’s taking control!

8:45. obama doesn’t understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy. hmm. okay?

8:46 pm. sen. obama refuses to acknowledge that we are winning in iraq. really? are we? peace and prosperity are going to come to iraq?

8:47 mccain didn’t vote for funding the troops with a timetable … was it wise to be there?

8:48 the war on terror started in afghanistan and it needs to end there. we should be out of there in 16 months … or mostly, it sounds … good.

if we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

8:50 pm what a great effin’ smile.

8:51 … there was no al queda in iraq before we went in … they’re the greatest threat to the united states. we need to go to afghanistan and pakistan. we also need to press the governments to make sure they’re working for their people.

poppy trade! opiates!

taliban and al queda have safe havens in pakistan and we’ve been giving them money!

8:53 pm. obama is threatening pakistan? he’s one of the most diplomatic people, people.

8:55 pm no one talked about attacking pakistan. and he says it right!

he may be a dictator, but he’s our dictator. lost legitimacy in pakistan. lay it out on the line, barack!

8:57 there was a failed state. what does that mean?

back in 1983 when i was a brand new senator … yes, you are old, john.

9:00 pm ‘no u.s. soldier ever dies in vain because they are carrying out the orders of their commander in chief’ mccain keeps saying we don’t want defeat. who is talking about that?

9:01 pm mccain will not look at obama. you don’t muddle through ….

9:02 pm mccain’s been to afghanistan. okay. and your point is?

9:03 an existential threat? what? meaning it threatens their existence?

9:04 pm. seriously? you’re bringing up the holocaust? does this fall under godwin’s law?

9:04 … the iranians have a lousy government. who’s saying things out loud, john?

oh, and those countries are going to join our sorry asses? probably not, i’m thinking. i think the EU is ovah us.

9:05 pm *what* friends and allies, john?

9:06 … the single thing that has strengthened iran is the war in iraq. funded hamas, hezbollah.

we cannot tolerate a nuclear iran .. it would be a game changer. it could set off an arms race in the middle east. use russia and china to help us, yo!

9:08 pm the notion that by not talking to people we are punishing them doesn’t work.

oh, israel. there is SO much i don’t understand about that scene.

9:08 pm … talking with someone says that they’ve been doing the right thing?

9:09 mccain is having trouble saying foreign words. you might go there, john, but you can’t say the places.

9:09 preconditions … ??

9:10 he reserves the right as president to meet with whomever at the time and place of his choosing. FUCK YEAH! kissinger, one of your own advisors …awww snap! preconditions doesn’t mean you invite them over for tea. what we’ve been doing is saying “unless you do exactly what we say, we won’t meet with you.”

9:11 pm we stopped talking to n. korea and they quadrupled their nuclear program, tested a nuclear weapon and possibly gave nuclear secrets to syria. damn.

9:12 pm he won’t meet with the prime minister of spain because he wasn’t sure they were allied with us. if we can’t meet with our friends, who can we meet with?

9:13 … “what senator obama doesn’t seem to understand.” saying iran said israel is a stinking corpse … no offense, but i don’t think much of middle america understands or cares about israel. maybe i’m wrong.

9:14 pm preconditions means we don’t expect to solve every problem before we initiate talks. RIGHT!

9:15 pm. kissinger is MY friend, not *your* friend, barack!!

oooh, john mccain is getting pissed.

9:15 pm sen. obama is parsing words when he says preconditions means preparation.

9:16 pm our entire russian approach has to be reevaluated. a resurgent and aggressive russia brings danger to peace to the whole region. you cannot be a 21st century power and act like a 20th century dictatorship. we need to make sure that we are supportive of the members of nato: latvia, estonia, poland, etc. georgia and the ukraine should become members of NATO if they follow the requirements. we can’t go back to a cold war place. they have plenty of nuclear power …

9:18 we deal with russia based on what the security issues of the u.s. are

senator obama doesn’t understand … senator obama doesn’t understand … blah blah blah.

9:23 pm we consume 25% of the world’s oil … we only have 3% of the world’s oil, we can’t drill our way out of the problem.

9:24 pm walk the walk, talk the talk. cliche again!

9:26 mccain: i think we are a safer nation but we are a long way from safe. john mccain started the 9/11 commission? is that true?

9:28 pm obama we are safer in some ways. transit, ports, etc. biggest threat isn’t a nuclear missile isn’t one coming in the sky, it’s in a suitcase. the biggest threat is terrorist getting their hands on nuclear weapons.

restore our standing in the world. we are less respected in the world. the torture issue undermines our long-term security …

9:31 pm mccain … do you think senator obama understands anything?

sacrifice of american blood and treasure… grieves us all. true enough, john. true enough.

the economy is a national security issue…

9:34 pm we need more flexibility in a president. RIGHT. pick a new one.

9:35 pm barack is looking right at us again.

9:36 … when i came home from prison. man, john. for fuck’s sake.

and here comes the spin cycle ….


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