i’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it here … the state of an alcoholic with no relief from alcohol/drugs OR any spiritual relief — Restless, Irritable and Discontented. the big book uses those specific words to talk about the alcoholic when she’s not drinking and why she eventually goes back to a drink. grrraa!

it’s the same condition that leads people back to sugar and fatty foods .. gambling .. nervous tics/habits .. too much TV watching .. whatever your poison, if you have one, you’ll probably gravitate toward it if you start feeling RID too often or too long.

i’m just feeling blah today. i felt like i had to get something up here … i don’t like leaving this blog fallow for a week and stuff. ick. anyway .. more to come. i’ve been writing other things for 12 step stuff and this and that .. .so it’s not like i haven’t been writing. also, i’m reading this 900 page book for our book club (check that out on the blogroll) as well. so there’ll be more writing there, too.

anyway .. check in, check in. more later?


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