pretty savvy: this guy is using a john mccain love website to put up tonight’s schedule for the demo convention. nice.

i think i’m going to live blog during the speech as long as i’m not crying too hard. i found myself actually weeping during someone’s speech the other night that i was surprised by. maybe it was hillary? i don’t remember. but i remember the reason i was weeping so hard was the fact that i was so happy that there was a chance could be significant change come november. that there really could be some real moves made toward good in the world on our behalf. that i really could have hope. that wasn’t a punch line in some skit or some pie in the sky thing. it was a real emotion i was having and had been having and was going to continue to have. it wasn’t the result of drinking any kool-aid. it was just the result of living.

but i was also crying for the possible idea that it wouldn’t happen. what that might mean. what i would do. what i would possibly do. and i couldn’t think about that any more.

and i won’t. go cubs! go obama!


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