watching the ted kennedy speech i have a lot of different emotions. i feel like i’m watching a real piece of history, but in a bad way. like this is going to be one of the things we watch over and over again when he dies. knowing that this was a huge thing for him to come and speak tonight, and that he did such a great job.

and the bit i’ve seen of the michelle obama speech. now *she’s* got me crying. i don’t think that she’s insincere, either. that’s why i think barack and michelle are so great. i know they’re written speeches, but i’ve seen a lot of prepared speeches before, and i think something we say in A.A. applies to them over and over again: “what comes from the heart, goes to the heart.”

there’s just something about listening to her that gets me. i believe that she means what she says and i have such hope and desire for what barack and michelle want for this country, because it’s what i want for our country, too. i’m too tired to really talk. that’s what sucks about coming home and being so out of commission.


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