feeling like i should say something

i feel it’s been awhile since i’ve had a real post here. there’s so much i’ve been thinking about that i should have had separate posts on. i guess this will be a post of ‘randoms.’

obama. i should make plans to watch his speech at the democratic convention with people, but i have to be careful who i watch it with. i know i’m going to end up crying, but i don’t think i want to watch it alone and i don’t think i want to watch it on the computer. i think i want to watch it live. i really want him to be president.

the air and water show. it’s this weekend, and it’s even been extended to tomorrow. my friend, jason, and i get into an argument about it every year. it’s fun to watch planes fly and do fancy stuff, but ultimately it makes me feel weird. it makes me think of war and the military and what we’re doing. war. killing people. and for what. it makes me sad and angry. and then to see the recruitment tents and all that. i just don’t get it to some extent. how people can sit on the beach and get all rah rah and not really think about what they’re watching.

lame old me. i feel like sometimes i’m the only one who talks or thinks about this stuff. and i’m always the downer person and the one who stands out in the crowd as the person who thinks too much or makes too much of a big deal about stuff or something. but i can’t not think about this stuff. i can’t pretend i don’t know about this stuff. i can’t act like it doesn’t cross my mind and when it does that it doesn’t bother me. i’m sure i’m hypocritical about a lot of stuff.

speaking of which, the olympics. i don’t care that much. i’m sure if i were in a room and it were on tv, i’d get into it. rah rah. but i don’t like the china thing and i don’t come home and turn it on or watch it on the computer. i don’t know. i get into the marvel of the human body thing … the sportsmanship of it all. but i don’t like how a lot of people get all USA USA USA about it. and a lot of it has been ruined for me by all the weird doping scandals and stuff, too. i don’t know. i feel like an outcast on that note, too.

dumb blog post. more later.


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