i don’t know what YOUR expectations were …

but mine were to be done with great expectations by july. but i wasn’t. i’ll finish tonight. so we can congregate on the smussyolay book blog (see the blogroll) in a day or two. who read it? will hixx lead the way around the first discussions? i hope so. has she forgotten us in her wedding bliss? i hope not, but all will be mega forgiven if she has.

so … fire up those critical thinking skills, people. in minus 12-24 hours.

yay. i’ll have to look to see who’s next by order of comments in that thread. looks like crowley’s batting second. he joked about ‘an inconvenient truth,’ then said no one would like horror and then said ‘catcher in the rye’ is one of his favorites. he’s always free to pick a wild card, though. so, after we get done discussing, you’re up next, g.


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