when is a joke not a joke?

when i initially saw the new yorker cartoon that satirically portrayed barack obama as a muslim and his wife as a terrorist, i must admit i was a little taken aback. given that my mom was prone to telling me during primary season that she was ‘wary’ of him due to the fact that he was ‘muslim’ and that he didn’t ‘pledge allegiance to america,’ i had to wonder how many people would really *get* the satire the new yorker was going for here.

but as always, jon stewart brings me back around to more clear headed thinking with some sharp-witted, sharp-tongued satire of his own:

***another take that also makes a lot of sense. i’m somewhere in the middle. when i saw the cartoon, it didn’t set well with me. but jon stewart’s point that ‘being upset’ by a cartoon doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either. that’s why i like to think about things a little.


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