you’re killing me, scott shannon

here’s an email I wrote today —

Smussyolay here … we exchanged some emails a few years ago. I was very excited at the prospect of having an oldies station back in Chicago. I am so glad to hear the great oldies back on the air and am so glad Dick Biondi has a place in Chicago radio once again, as well.

I wanted to drop you a note to say that I am a little concerned, though. I’m starting to hear a lot more 70’s songs than when you first started out. “Sweet Home Alabama?” “Doctor My Eyes?” I love Jackson Browne as much as the next person, but I think part of the thing that started to get old about 104.3 was that they went to all 60’s and 70’s music and leaned way too hard on the 70’s. They forgot about the thing that made them “the oldies station” in the first place.

When you started, you were playing such great 50’s and early 60’s music, and dropping in these great obscurities. Lots of Beatles and Motown. People want to hear this music. I know this because people my age (34) grew up listening to our parents play it all the time. So, it’s nostalgic for us in a secondhand way. Cause let’s face it … at this rate, 80’s music is now “classic rock” if 25 years is a measuring stick. Which is totally bizarre, frankly.

Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you not to get too stuck in the 70’s. There are plenty of other stations in Chicago that handle that decade quite nicely … the Drive, the Loop, and other stations like Love FM that take on the disco side and such. This Herman’s Hermits song you’re playing [Silhouettes] is just great. And if you play The Diamonds’ (?) version’, so much the better.


and i thought to myself … i know i’ll be in trouble when i hear “old time rock and roll” (seger) … and it happened later that afternoon. and then i thought, i love myself some billy joel, but if i hear billy joel, he’s given up on the original premise of the station completely. tonight at midnight, i heard “my life.” awww, fuck.

“my life” is NOT an oldie. i mean, by mathematics, i guess it is. but then so is “i wanna dance with somebody,” you know? gah.


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