in the lion’s den

i just feel like … this is sad for so many reasons.

because mr. crowley apparently is around the blog even if he’s not in the office*, i’ll write the blog post i didn’t get to today at work, even though i left a comment over at the post on chicagoist.

in re: jesse jackson getting caught saying that he wanted to “cut [barack’s] nuts off,”

1. don’t ever say things with a microphone on that you don’t want people to hear. and if you’re inbetween commercial breaks, probably don’t say anything, period.

2. in the lion’s den? he was on ‘fox and friends,’ right? why would you EVER say something like that around there even in jest or whispered or anything? for god’s sake, jesse. show some decorum and restraint. think about where you are and who you’re with. they aren’t going to hesitate for a moment to use anything to take down barack.

3. stick together or die separately. i don’t care what you personally think of the guy, jesse, but if people don’t stick together here, it could get really bad really quickly. as much as i love obama and have stars in my eyes, i have to remember there are people who will do anything to see him get torn down. this principle also applies to communities and groups in general. infighting will ruin something in a heartbeat.

it’s one of the primary reasons republicans are so good at what they do. they rally their people and get them completely unwavering on a few points.

gah blah.

more later. just wanted to get this out. i need to get back to the blog some.


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