this is my 2500th post. i’m not sure that some of them that are counted might not still be in draft, but still. plus 2500 is just magical five scene. so, i just wanted to let you know.

also, my dad called me today and said that the dam on our lake might break soon and the lake would rise 4 feet. and it would flood the basement. it was a strange conversation for several reasons.

but it definitely worried me a bit. i asked him if he were going to get sandbags or flood insurance or what. he said he ‘wasn’t going to go berserk’ or ‘wasn’t going to get crazy.’ but then he also told me the ‘water was already up to the fire pit.’ shit.

weird. i don’t know.

oh yeah … my willow tree is going to have to come down. i guess the top part of the willow tree that has been in my yard my whole life and that had our swing and our glider and brought shade is dead. there is still green growing up out of it, but my dad said most of the tree is dead and he doesn’t want it falling on the house or branches falling on anyone else.

but still. to have the tree that has been in my back yard my whole life be gone is really a bummer to me. 😦

anyway, i’m distracted. tired. watching colbert. night.


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