i know one day i’m going to lend my ninjagrl paintings to a museum or two.

i don’t know what is more exhausting … making a movie or making a life-size replica of a book.

hey! kraft macaroni and cheese people. “push in side and fold top back?” really? cause i’ve been trying to do that my whole life and it doesn’t work. in fact, i’ve never even been able to see WHERE i’m supposed to “push in the side.” sometimes, there’s been a semblance of a finger-shaped perforation, but there’s no way in hell my finger’s getting through that lockdown cardboard. it’s an exercise in futility. and then, when you get older and realize just how many crazy calories are in one of those fucking boxes? it makes you feel even more ashamed — not being able to do something that seems as simple as punching your thumb through cardboard. why do you do it?

can you get a grant to write a pop culture book? or two?


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