holy shit. this is fucking genius — photos of tv.

i can’t get the decemberist’s “on the bus mall” out of my head. i guess i should listen to it today. as well as a new mix cd i got this morning of rilo kiley songs. i love unexpected surprises.

i keep hearing these noises that sound like rain on the windows. it’s completely sunny out. i think it might be the sound of the glass expanding? i have no idea. i just can’t figure out what it is. it’s not like there’s window washers here.

for all the reality tv i watch, i find it extremely odd that i don’t watch american idol. granted, it’s on at a time i’m hardly ever home and there’s no reruns of it like on VH1 and bravo and shit … that’s how i’m able to watch those shows a lot. but it’s music, it’s huge and it’s always a buzz. but i don’t watch it. it’s sort of a mystery to me.


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