get your read on

okay. it’s time for the smussyolay book club. if you wish to participate, please send me your email so i can add you to the list of authors to the smussyolay book club blog.

we are going to read books and discuss them there. the first round of books will be “your favorite (fiction?) book.” this is going to be a work in progress, and i want it to be a democratic one as well.

for the first go around, the books will be selected in the order that people commented in the original thread. we have yet to determine

1. if it should be one of your all time favorites, or if it can be a really great recent read you want us all to experience.

2. if it can and should include non-fiction.

if someone recommends it, we all have to agree to it. no veto. of course, no one has to participate (duh, how can anyone force anyone).

hopefully, it will be something that is easily obtainable and in print (although in my one book club, we did have a book that was a little hard to find … that ‘group portrait with lady’ book).

in order to facilitate hearty discussion, i created the blog so we wouldn’t have to do all of our discussion in haloscan comments. i am making anyone who wants to be an author to the smussyolay book blog an author so you can post*. we can further decide how we want that to go. if someone wants to start a topic and then we comment from there or if we all want to post responses as separate posts or what. we also need to decide how discussion will initially start. will it be up to the book’s picker to come up with some stuff or will we have some of the same basic questions?

or more importantly, does any of this matter to any of you?

i’m excited. let’s hone this together.

–if anyone is reading this and didn’t get an invite, let me know. i forgot or don’t have your email or something.


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