yam day

i didn’t mean to let this go so long. i started this on 5/1/08.

i searched my archives to see if there were any other references to the month of yam, and i only found one on the glorious day of 05.05.05*, that was an audiopost with my old audio service, so all of those are lost to the universe. i wonder what i had to say about that. maybe i just told you all about the month of yam.

i didn’t come up with the month of yam. it’s always existed as it is, but my friends shawn and jamie realized its full potential. it’s the only month in our calendar that when spelled backwards**, forms another english word. besides, who doesn’t love the word yam? while i, myself, don’t care for sweet potatoes or yams***, but the word yam is strangely satisifying to me. yam yam yam.

anyway, i like this month. it’s a true spring month and leads us into summer. it has the gateway holiday of memorial day in it. one of my favorite songs, “these are days,” by 10,000 maniacs, references it thus:

“when may is rushing over you/with desire/to be part of the miracle you see/in every hour/you’ll know it’s true/that you/are blessed and lucky/it’s true/that you/are touched by something/that’ll grow and bloom/in you.”

*my love for 5 is well documented and the link above shows my minor freakout for 05-05-05.

**harry caray, we loved you well.

***while we like to make them be interchangeable, they are NOT!


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