a good distraction

i think the reason i work better with music on is that my brain is always running on about 8 different levels (ADD-o-rama), and when music is on, a part of my brain can be focused on that, and so then the rest of my brain (or a couple of parts of it) can be focused on what i need to do while the other parts are distracted with the music. otherwise, i’m trying to do stuff, and then the other parts are still thinking away, and saying “start this project” and “do this” and “go over here” and “why don’t you check your email” and “try this” and “blah blah blah.”

music is good for keeping a lot of those parts occupied. although, it does mean that it can be really hard to make out to music. cause when it’s just music, it’s all sexy and good and i can get really into it, but if it’s a song i really love or lyrics that are pertinent to something or whatever, i can get sort of lost in the music or distracted by that and it’s hard to be kissing when my brain is losing my mind over a great lyric or a horrible lyric or something. whatever. i’m digressing.

music during office work is good.


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