look what my claudie did!

so, awhile back, i told you that i went and had my headshots done by this amazing photographer, claude-aline nazaire. she owns and runs this business, essential blueprints, which shoots women when they’re pregnant and does pics of the families afterward and stuff. well, she brought by the cd today, and i couldn’t be more happy and more weirded out. the photos are effin’ phenomenal, but it’s so fucking freaky to see myself like this. is this how you guys see me? probably not *all* the time, but EVAH? it’s so weird. i mean, i actually look really good in some of these … dare i say pretty? i don’t know. it wigs my shit, dudes. and some of these are going to make incredible headshots. there are more after the jump, and let me tell you … there are about at least 15 more where that came from*, and then about 20 more that are great, but just not as effing great. how could i complain? unbelievable. i’m so grateful. so, maybe i’ll actually do something, ey?

*update: i just posted a link to my facebook profile/album with a bunch more posted, cause i don’t think i posted that great of a selection here. i don’t know. i’m clueless, you guys. i did this so i could audition for ‘impress these apes,’ which frankly, seems out of my league, but i also think i’m going to do THAT anyway. whatevah.


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