it’s a shame about ray

tonight, i went to see the lemonheads perform “it’s a shame about ray” in honor of its 15th anniversary re-pressing. i had pretty decent hopes, given i had seen evan dando a little while ago and he was in fine form. there were stories in years past about his wide variety of show quality/capabilities, but after seeing him come through with such great form, i was going into tonight with good feeling.

i was terribly worried right out of the gate, though. at first, he looked terribly fucked up. terribly. eyes closed and heavy, heavy lids … drunk? sort of nodding off? first acoustic song (not from ‘ray’) not quite in time, mildly slurring for lack of a better word. dear lord. i thought he was off the smack a long time ago*.

but he worked out of it. he sweated it out or broke through or just was nervous or something. it got better and better and better. can i just say what great hair that guy has? it’s got to be a great spendy haircut. in some ways, his hair reminds me a of rhett miller’s. but i do digress.

it was good. it didn’t throw me all into nostalgia land like i thought it would. probably cause i went there expecting it. the evan dando show i saw at double door did that far more effectively, probably because it snuck up on me out of nowhere.

*my friend who was there, but not standing with me, seemed sort of shocked when i gave her my first impressions of evan, saying that i thought he seemed fucked up. she said “i thought he hadn’t done anything in a long time.” i guess i just know the reality of the matter now. while i *do* hope that is the case, i also know that addicts relapse. shit, when jerry garcia died, i was all shocked, thinking he was clean. people who struggle with addiction don’t always stay sober. or sometimes, they kick heroin or crack and still drink. it’s just how it is.

but, it all worked out in the end.

and i also realized how much i really love and enjoy chicago band ‘the ladies and gentlemen.’ i’ll have to make more of an effort to keep up with them. okay. need bed.


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