i got going on moveon.org’s website last night looking at all these 30 second commercials people sent in for the obama campaign. some of them were okay, some of them weren’t that great. there were a few stand outs, though. this is one of them. and the reason it gets me is this … the guy is changing the minds and hearts of people who have thought the same way their whole lives. he is inspiring people of all races, all ages, all cultures, all parts of the country. it’s become a sound bite, but there’s something to this idea that we have to stop thinking of ourselves as ‘red states’ and ‘blue states’ and get back to being the united states of america.

and there’s a lot of people out there who think he’s the guy to do it. there’s something to be said for someone who has poise and intelligence. who has class and integrity. who you really feel is telling you the truth. who seems calm and steady. who seems to be practical and really thinks through both sides of an issue before coming to a decision. but, mostly there’s something to be said for someone who inspires *other* people to stand up and make a change. who gives them hope and who makes them feel like yes, there really is a reason to get up and make a difference in their corner of the world. that not all is lost, and that there is a possibility that things can be fixed and that we don’t have to settle for the status quo. that we have the power to make our own realities and that they can be more than we ever dreamed of.

there’s something to a man who wants the best for our country and wants us to want the best for ourselves. but who isn’t going to ply us with lies and deceit and try and sell us on a bill of goods that can never be delivered. there’s something to a man who will look you in the eye and tell you that yes, things are going wrong and some things can never be fixed, but we’ll do our best to make things right and when we can’t, we’ll come together to heal the wounds that can’t be instantly fixed. that may always be scars, but can be soothed with tolerance, kindness, compassion and love. there’s something to a man who is human and real and who has made his share of mistakes and tried on his share of foolish exploits and youthful experiments and will tell you outright that he did so.

there’s something to a man that makes me grin from ear to ear every time i see him. whose smile is infectious and who has an incredible sense of humor and wit. who has grace and dignity and who has an aura of sense and sensibility. you can’t earn that. you can’t get that from years in politics. you can’t get it from a fancy school. it’s called charisma. it’s called class. it’s called character. some of it can be taught within a family, but some of it is just in who a person is. their essence. their being. there’s something unnameable about him that others are not. and that’s why i love him.

after the jump, you can see why a 100 year old woman who’s always voted republican is going to vote for obama. check it out.


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