get out your salt shakers

so, you know i get my news from the daily show. i just saw a little bit of obama’s stammering. i’ll get to that. but before i even got to the daily show, i saw a story off yahoo that said a lot of people were pissed that the questions george and charlie were asking were fucking ridiculous. no real issues until the second hour. nice.

anyway, i saw a little bit of the stammering and the not so smooth talking by obama. and you know what? (this is where you get your salt shakers out, because you know i like him, so you can take this with a grain of salt or not.) this actually pleases me. i can relate. i’m a pretty good public speaker. if i write something, i can deliver it quite well and get people kind of whipped up. or at least i fancy that i can.

but, if called upon to extemporaneously speak, i can’t always do so well. you know why? i’m not a liar. i freeze up sometimes. for the most part, i am sincere. i’m genuine. i don’t lie easily. so … while it was painful to watch, i think it actually bodes well for his character. it means that he’s not a smooth talker. he doesn’t have it all ready to roll, an answer for everything. he’s not duplicitous. he’s not stupid like george w., and he’s not too smart for his own good like bill. he’s a thinker. he’s a considerer. he’s practical dreamer. he’s got hope and dreams and passion but he has experience in taking the actions and doing the footwork to make things happen.

my friend, steve, says that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to vote for someone because you *believe* in him. because we’re inspired by him. because we believe he’ll bring change, because he IS bringing change. because things are changing already because of him. there’s nothing wrong with wanting to vote for someone because you believe in what they represent. i think he’s right. and i think steve’s right, too.


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