almost a smussy faux pas

there’s this couple i really like (i like a lot of them a whole bunch) and they were just leaving the office, and we were saying our goodbyes, and i just was all “kay, bye, have a good one, drive safe … ” and i caught myself nearly saying, “love you..”

cause i nearly always say that to my friends in AA when i leave their cars or they walk away or whatever. i just DO love them. i have affection and love and bigheartedness for them. and i do for these people, too. but i just think that would NOT have been cool. it would have been waaaaaaaaay super weird.

‘normal’ people who are barely acquaintances/strangers do *not* tell each other they love each other because they see each other at their midwives’ office. i’m so glad i caught it in time.


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