are you feeling the burn?

anyone get burned by an april fool’s joke? i think i might have. either that, or i had something really nice turn into something really weird/confusing. but i can handle that, in the long-term scheme of things.

but if it turns out to be an april fool’s joke … man, i really got taken for a ride. although, if it’s a joke, i managed to figure it out before its official unveiling later. motherfucker.

i think i’ve only done ones on my mom related to my close girlfriends. i think i told her that my best friend was pregnant (she just finally had a baby this year), and i think i told her that my other roommate moved to florida and got married (she eventually moved to california and got married in hawaii). i never do ones that are mean or spiteful. cause … what if they happen?

so, we’ll see. i might have gotten burned today. but if it’s the real deal, and it’s a serious thing, then my life’s tipsy-topsy-turvy these days. but in a manageable way. going with the flow is pretty interesting. wheeeee!


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